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“What a great team! It’s so nice to feel reflected back with some depth and accuracy, not to mention caring. It will unquestionably be a showpiece for all of us!”
— James Edward Talbot

AIR San Antonio in Planning Stages

October 11, 2006

MediaRich founders have a soft spot for Internet accessibility issues, and MediaRich has signed up to help bring the very successful Accessible Internet Rally (AIR) to San Antonio.

Details on Accessible Internet Rally - San Antonio

AIR-San Antonio, planned for June 2007, pairs teams of crack Internet designers and developers with worthy nonprofit organizations, and creates a website for the nonprofit in an exercise that resembles a barn-raising.

MediaRich founders have participated in AIR-Austin events in the past, and we’re very excited to be part of the team bringing the event to San Antonio. Let us know if you’re interested in helping or read more about AIR-San Antonio on the official website.

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