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“What a great team! It’s so nice to feel reflected back with some depth and accuracy, not to mention caring. It will unquestionably be a showpiece for all of us!”
— James Edward Talbot

2008 Brings a Flurry of Activity for MediaRich

February 18, 2008

We are proud to announce the launch of the all-new San Antonio River Foundation site. To quote their purpose, “The San Antonio River is a vibrant treasure that belongs to all of the citizens of San Antonio. This remarkable project will create a lasting legacy for our children, grandchildren, and many generations to come.” We couldn’t agree more and are very proud to have been involved in the revamping of the web site for this very exciting and worthwhile organization. Many thanks to the wonderful staff at Saforian for their awesome design and IA assistance.

We are also starting the new year with a bit of a facelift to our logo and branding and a couple of wonderful additions to our core team. Mandi Harrell Leman, founder of MediaRich, recently announced, “While I have been the MediaRich Creative Director as well as president, there are some exciting changes taking place within MediaRich that allows for expanded opportunities. In order to best leverage these opportunities, I have decided to bring on additional expertise to help me ensure that our service to our clients will just keep getting better.” MediaRich is elated to have working with us:

Henry Brown, Creative Director – No stranger to artistic success, our new Creative Director has been responsible for award winning designs for Viacom, Rolling Stone, Mozilla, Target, TV Land, AOL Time Warner, Lifetime, and Bank of America. His fresh approach and years of industry experience bring the power of a proven creative genius to our team.

Brent Gilmore, Project Manager and Account Representative – Having been mentored by Lionel Sosa, founder of the largest Hispanic advertising agency in the U.S., and with extensive experience working on federal marketing campaigns such as “No Child Left Behind”, Brent is no stranger to managing extremely large marketing campaigns with a mere wave of the hand. We are very excited to have Brent as a core member of our team.

Veronica Jorden, Executive Assistant – Veronica brings over twelve years of administrative support experience with her. Having worked in a wide range of industries including active duty military service, manufacturing, real estate, staffing, and retail management, she is the administrative backbone for our daily company business and our client projects.

There have not only been changes to our team, but in our approach to customer service as well. While we have always embraced a close client relationship, we recognize that one of the biggest challenges in going from client-concept to web success can be communication and collaboration, especially with a remote team. With this challenge in mind, we are instituting some changes that will streamline that communication.

We pride ourselves with the ability to offer the same high quality deliverables as the big ad agencies with the personal dedication to service that can only be found in smaller organizations. As always, it is our great pleasure to be of service to you and we look forward to continue that service as extended members of your team.

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