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“What a great team! It’s so nice to feel reflected back with some depth and accuracy, not to mention caring. It will unquestionably be a showpiece for all of us!”
— James Edward Talbot

MediaRich, a San Antonio-based interactive marketing agency

April 7, 2008

MediaRich, a San Antonio-based interactive marketing agency, proudly finds its place as one of the newest members of Southtown’s creative community. Their new studio is located at 918 S Alamo.

This marks an exciting milestone for MediaRich since its inception in 2003. They celebrated their new studio grand opening on April 4th, amid Southtown’s First Friday celebration and Final Four festivities. “We are thrilled with our new location in Southtown”, said Mandi Harrell Leman, owner and President of MediaRich. “The creative community here has been extremely welcoming of us and we see wonderful opportunity to partner with other professionals in the area.”

Last year, MediaRich was named the second largest web development firm in San Antonio by the San Antonio Business Journal. They pride themselves in providing top quality web marketing services, with the ability to understand their clients’ business strategy and goals and articulate them in media rich projects that employ the latest in Web 2.0 technology.

In September of 2008, MediaRich will be a sponsor and venue for the first ever BarCamp in San Antonio. BarCamps started in 2005 and are now being held all over the world. It is an international network of user generated conferences, sometimes called “un-conferences”. They are open, participatory workshop events, whose content is provided by participants – often focusing on early-stage web applications and related open source technologies.

“It’s by participating in events such as this that MediaRich continues to keep abreast of the latest technologies and best use practices and maintains connection with the very talented artists and developers that are pioneers in our industry.”, said Leman.

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