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We love ideas, interesting problems, and great design.

Mediarich takes talented individuals with a passion for designing excellent experiences and brings them together to let sparks fly. We encourage passion for the work, commit to meeting your goals, and develop close working relationships with our clients.

We’re an interactive agency, and we don’t disappear behind the curtain and emerge with a finished product. We take time to understand your business goals, your underlying principles, and express those as fully and intuitively as we can. We focus on meeting your customers’ goals — because that’s the best way to meet yours.

The MediaRich team has diverse experience across multiple industries and for several fortune 500 companies. We have implemented B2C sites, B2B sites, intranets, various content management systems, database driven e-commerce sites, and social networking platforms. We excel at user-interface design and ensure your clients are able to very intuitively find exactly what they were looking for or complete any transaction they need to when they visit your site.

MANDI LEMAN, President & Owner

The quintessential serial entrepreneur, Mandi demonstrated a flair for entrepreneurship very early. At the tender age of 11, she formed her first graphic design business, called Cosmic Donkey – specializing in business cards and printed flyers.

Quite the tactile artist as well, she raised dumpster diving to an art form at age 17. She repurposed discarded furniture by repairing and hand painting them with whimsical themes and turning them into beautiful pieces of functional art for her family’s boutique on San Antonio’s Riverwalk, called Bizarre Bazaar. In 1994, she created a web site for Bizarre Bazaar, hard-coded in HTML, long before anyone knew what WYSIWYG was, and 14k modems were the norm.

She attended workshops in advanced graphics and 3D animation at the International Film and Television Workshops in Rockport, Maine and the Santa Fe Workshops.

While attending college and taking her varied design experience giant steps further, she founded the web design company xyber.com and a business-to-business e-commerce site, xybermart.com, using the retail experience she gained from Bizarre Bazaar – where she saw a niche market. With her unique ability to engage both left and right sides of her brain simultaneously, she coded a complex shopping cart system for xybermart, and established one of the first b2b web sites as a portal for wholesale businesses selling products to retailers. In 1998, it was several years ahead of its time.

She was a lead interaction designer at a San Antonio fortune 100 company for four years, during which time she created many award winning web site designs and online marketing campaigns for the company.

In 2005, she established MediaRich as an online design agency and developed the unique business model of contracting with a matrixed team from a variety of online and local sources, working either on site or remotely – whichever works best for the client. That has allowed MediaRich to grow and shrink as needed, and to reach beyond geographical borders to find top-end talent.

After years of freelancing and working remotely in a professional capacity, Mandi has become accutely aware of the challenges that freelancers and entrepreneurs face. This insight has prompted her to embark on her newest venture: Blellow.com. Blellow is a social network allowing freelancers and professionals to collaborate, find work, and solve problems through a friendly, familiar micro-blog interface by answering the question: “What are you working on?”

Blellow offers the ability to communicate with groups of people based on skills and interests. You can direct your posts, so you get better answers to your questions, relevant feedback when you need it, and can engage in conversations you are most interested in.

At Blellow, members can take advantage of the site’s tools to further their knowledge, extend their network, and discover and develop new ideas to get things done.

In her “free” time, Mandi enjoys travelling, scuba diving, camping, and chilling with her husband Michael, daughter Kaela, and their impressive menagerie of pets.

MICHAEL LEMAN, Production Manager

Michael’s role as MediaRich PM could easily be compared to that of an air traffic controller. He’s the one who takes the controls when a project first appears on the radar (receiving initial requests from the client), plans the flight pattern (setting schedules and assigning work), and brings the project in for a successful landing (keeping the Mediarich crew on task and on track).

He interacts extensively with client brand managers, and doesn’t hesitate to do whatever is needed to make sure a project gets done, including quality assurance testing, editing and coding. And, if necessary, plenty of handholding.

If he appears to analyze your project with the clear eyes of a scientist, it’s because he holds an M.S. in microbiology and immunology from the University of Texas Health Science Center. As a research associate in the complex, protocol-driven world of laboratory analysis, his research focused on molecular analysis of variola (smallpox) virus proteins.

He spends all the time he can with his favorite macroorganisms – Mandi, and his fabulously creative 15 year old daughter, Kaela.

VERONICA JORDEN, Executive Assistant & Project Manager

Veronica brings over twelve years of administrative support experience with her. She has experience in a wide range of industries including active duty military service, manufacturing, real estate, staffing, and retail management.

Veronica is an entrepreneur in her own right, as founder and owner of an online endeavor called “The Sensible Gourmet”. Veronica is not only the administrative backbone for our daily company business, but is also a very talented briefer and company spokesperson and can juggle multiple projects at once, while simultaneously keeping the rest of us on track with a mere wave of her hand.

Veronica studied Russian at the Defense Language Institute. She has three lovely children and her husband Dave is active duty military.

RICH HARRELL, Videographer, Producer & Editor

Rich – that’s right, the “Rich” part of MediaRich – is our video guru, handling all aspects of video production projects for the group, large and small. In addition to shooting, directing, producing, editing, and DVD authoring, he also manages stock photography.

After starting out as a journeyman photographer, Rich switched gears to videography and spent the bulk of his pre-MediaRich years in Civil Service. Rich directed talent from AFNEWS professionals to Hollywood stars in more than a score of commercials and PSAs. From the first phone call to the final cut, he was involved in all facets of these productions. On any given day he would have been found editing scripts, researching, choosing music and sound effects, coordinating production schedules, or working cameras and sound equipment.

These days, Rich is the lord of his own personal digital video kingdom, which includes Final Cut Pro, a full-service editing suite, with duplicating equipment.

JANE HARRELL, Vice President & Project Manager

With Our Lady of the Lake University as her alma mater, Jane started her career as a graphic artist, creating artwork for and designing educational filmstrips and games.

She worked for the Army as a technical illustrator for several years, creating detailed illustrations of surgical procedures used in their medical training manuals.

She was the command multimedia manager for the Air Force’s Air Intelligence Agency for about 20 years, managing 300 videographers, photographers, artists, designers, animators, copywriters, printers, web developers and web designers at 5 different multimedia centers across the US.

This extensive background in managing multimedia production facilities prepared her to help ride herd on the ever-increasing number and complexity of MediaRich’s creative challenges when she joined the team in 2006.

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