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“What a great team! It’s so nice to feel reflected back with some depth and accuracy, not to mention caring. It will unquestionably be a showpiece for all of us!”
— James Edward Talbot

Art Director

You will be expected to take a creative brief, sketches or even a conversation and turn it into a tight creative solution that addresses identified objectives.

As a senior member of our hands-on design team, you will be responsible for providing creative direction and supervision to other members of the creative team including copywriters, illustrators, photographers and production artists on projects. You will also serve as a hands-on member of our design team with senior design skills and a breadth of experience in all stages of the creative design and production process. The projects you will be responsible for will run the full spectrum of design and media applications. You will work closely with other lead members of the project team (technical and project management), taking responsibility for the delivery of the project, alongside the project manager. You will be the creative lead on multiple projects within an account and across accounts.

You will be responsible for maintaining the quality of our work to an agreed time and budget. You must ensure that the creative solution meets the requirements of the creative brief. You will also be responsible for showing work to clients, always indicating how the solutions and ideas meet the requirements of the creative brief.


1. To conceive, create and design award winning creative solutions
You will be responsible for development, delivery and overall quality of the creative concept. As the creative lead on projects, you will also be responsible for organizing brainstorms, initiating the conceptual process and creating an atmosphere that nurtures creativity and innovative design.

2. To help manage, motivate and develop the design team
Be a positive influence and carry out all general duties relating to this position. Should have a good level of knowledge regarding working processes and adhere to these. It is important to understand your role within the organization and how you affect other members in the teams by the manner in which you work. It is a requirement that you complete an accurate record of your time each day.

3. To manage and art direct aspects of creative work
The ability to quote time for creative tasks and services and maintaining timings and budgets are also key aspects of this position. You will be responsible for overseeing and signing-off implementation and delivery of interface, user experience and design within the project. Review points and art director sign off should be defined in the planning phase with the account manager.

4. Support management in strategic thinking around the direction of the creative team.
The art director should have a level of awareness regarding the industry, competitors and clients to participate in discussions regarding the future strategy of the company with regard to design services.

5. Possess excellent communication skills
Creative thought, visual and verbal communication of ideas, understanding and clarifying briefs, quality of finish, & pace are crucial to this position. You must possess the ability to give, receive and react well to feedback. Understand the goals and creative strategy and impart that to the team and clients.




You are a highly talented, proactive and passionate creative with a love of all things creative. With your proven skills and experience in a senior role within a leading agency you are willing to take responsibility, want to get things done to the highest quality level possible and have a genuine interest in developing others and yourself.

You must include the following to be considered:


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