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“What a great team! It’s so nice to feel reflected back with some depth and accuracy, not to mention caring. It will unquestionably be a showpiece for all of us!”
— James Edward Talbot

Interaction Designer

Job Duties:

1. Work under the direction of the Art Director and coordination with the Account Representative and other members of the creative and technical teams to create and produce holistic and highly effective user interface design and user experience on company internal and external web sites as well as eBusiness portal sites.

2. Serve as site designer in the creation of internal and external web sites/web applications with help from various Information Providers.

3. Participate in the user interface design of web sites, recommending and applying user interface principles to the site's information architecture, content organization, page flows, interaction design and navigation schemes.

4. Develop page content and layout, control elements such as buttons, drop down lists, etc. and suggests creative elements.

5. Work on projects to create UI prototypes prior to site construction.

6. Prepare and maintain User Interface and web site.

7. Develop task definitions, estimates and task schedules for own assignments.

8. Develop test cases and test plans, and conduct unit, system and user acceptance tests.

9. Participate in development and problem solving efforts across business segments.

10. Submit work for review by technical and user staff and participate in quality assurance reviews.

11. Provide management and Team Lead with status of all assigned tasks.

12. Manage and document time spent on all tasks.


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