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“I really appreciate your great efforts in building the Cancervivor website as part of AIR Austin. It was a wonderful, gruelling, rewarding, emotional day. Thanks for being such a great team and pulling it off so well.”
— Paula Middelton, Cancervivor


San Antonio Federal Credit Union (SACU)


SACU needed to advertise their status as the official credit union of the Spurs for the 2008-2009 season. They required an entire campaign, inclusive of television commercials, radio spots, posters, and billboards. Additionally, they needed a video spot that would be shown at every home game on the large Lighthouse screen at the AT&T Center, which needed to hold its own in a crowded, noisy auditorium.


We collaborated with the SACU marketing team and came up with a simple but powerful concept that ties SACU to the Spurs beginning with a very graphic representation of the Spurs in action. That action then transitions to the Spurs logo in 3d, which then spins to reveal the Spurs SACU Credit Card. James Armstrong brilliantly brought our concept to life by using the numbers on the credit card to represent a game clock, counting down from 10 seconds while game action takes place in the background. He used the music, the countdown and players’ action to build to a finale, with the drama of a last second buzzer beater.

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