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“I really appreciate your great efforts in building the Cancervivor website as part of AIR Austin. It was a wonderful, gruelling, rewarding, emotional day. Thanks for being such a great team and pulling it off so well.”
— Paula Middelton, Cancervivor


United States Air Force


The producers of the movie Star Trek: First Contact requested use of an Air Force missile silo for some movie shots. In exchange, the movie’s Gates McFadden (Dr. Crusher) and Michael Dorn (Lt. Worf) appeared in an Air Force-sponsored educational commercial. Rich Harrell was DP on this shoot, but given a scant 3 hours to set up, light, shoot, and strike.


Rich used his lighting skills to transform a small, disused corner of the location into a futuristic backdrop that blends well with the provided movie footage. The movie’s DP was skeptical of Rich’s ability to properly light Ms. McFadden, but ended up impressed with Rich’s abilities.

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