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“I really appreciate your great efforts in building the Cancervivor website as part of AIR Austin. It was a wonderful, gruelling, rewarding, emotional day. Thanks for being such a great team and pulling it off so well.”
— Paula Middelton, Cancervivor


Artist James Edward Talbot


Artist James Edward Talbot wants to better showcase his vast, amazing body of work online. Pieces vary widely in scale, from a few inches to a half acre. Many are difficult to capture satisfactorily in photos. The site must convey a sense of wonder and magic.


The trick was to capture the magic and wonder Talbot’s works evoke in a presentation that didn’t distract from the works themselves. The first impression of the site sets the stage for interactive fun and exploration. Multiple views of the pieces themselves help overcome the limitations inherent in photographing artwork, and the artist provides written context and a story for several pieces. Since Talbot maintains a prolific production schedule and doesn’t feel constrained to stay within a given medium, the site’s architecture is open and easy to add to.

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